Thursday, 4 August 2016


Petro van Genderen
1 X 400g packet puff pastry
1 large egg , beaten , to glaze
Icing sugar , for dusting
200 ml very cold fresh cream
15 ml castor sugar
Roll out the pastry and trim to a rectangle measuring 60 cm X 10 cm . With a sharp knife , cut the pastry into ribbons approximately 1 cm wide . Brush one side of each pastry strip with a little egg . Thoroughly grease 24 cream - horn tins ( metal cones made for this purpose ) . Roll or wind each pastry strip around a cream - horn tin starting at the tip and ensuring that the pastry overlaps , with no gaps as it is rolled onto the tin . Roll to just over halfway up the metal cone . Press the end of the pastry down and repeat until all the cones have been rolled . Refrigerate for about 30 minutes . Preheat the oven to 220 C . Place the rolled horns on a greased baking tray with the fold in the underside . Bake until golden brown , about 7 - 9 minutes . Remove from oven and leave to cool slightly . With great care , twist each metal cone until it comes cleanly out of the pastry horn , leaving the pastry intact . Once the horns are completely cool dust with icing sugar .
To make a plain Chantilly cream filling , ensure that the cream is cold . Whisk the cream in a large bowl ( if you like , place this in a larger bowl containing ice , so that the cream remains cold ) . Gradually add the sugar , whisking continously until it is thick and fluffy . Refrigerate until needed . Using an icing bag , carefully fill the horns with cream . Ek sit so klein bietjie strawberry jam onder in .


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