Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Retro Tutti Fruiti Marshmallow fridge cake

Retro Tutti Fruiti Marshmallow fridge cake
2 pk Bodouir biscuits or finger biscuits 2 tins condensed milk
¾ c 100% Lemon Juice
200 g Cream cheese, smooth and plain
500 ml Cream whipped stiffly
1 c Coconut marshmallows, chopped
1 tin (425g) KOO Fruit Cocktail, drained

1 tin (425g) KOO Guavas, drained and chopped roughly
½ c Granadilla pulp
½ c Red cherries, halved; maraschino or glace (optional)

Toasted coconut for the top
Bright and cheerful Ribbon for garnish
Colourful rose petals (some sugared)

Grease a 20 or 23cm springform cake tin. Layer some bodouir biscuits over the bottom to cover the whole surface.
Fruit: Mix the fruit cocktail, guavas, granadilla pulp and cherries together
Cream Mix: In a bowl whisk the lemon juice and condensed milk together until thickened, add the cream cheese and fold in the whipped cream until smooth. Fold in the chopped Marshmallows.
Put ¼ of the mixture of cream over the bodouir biscuit layer and then top with half the fruit mixture. Put another layer of bodouir biscuits over the fruit mix. Then put ¼ of the cream mixture over and then the rest of the fruit mixture over that. Even out.
Top the fruit with the remaining cream mixture and smooth out. Refrigerate until set, at least 4 hours.
Gently unmold the cake onto a large serving plate/cake stand. Smooth the sides out with a knife. Using the remaining bodouir biscuits, stand them like soldiers all around the sides, closely together.
Use the ribbon to tie around the cake and finish off with a bow.
Coat the top with extra toasted coconut and use rose petals to garnish.
Refrigerate until, ready to serve.

Chefs Tip! Bodouir biscuit tips can be dipped in chocolate before decorating the sides of the cake. Use a smaller springform for a deeper cake. Don’t use the bottom of the springform, instead layer the cake straight onto serving plate and use springform cake sides for the support.

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