Thursday, 4 February 2016

Pork Fillet Braai

Pork Fillet Braai
Ingredients(Serves: 4)
• 4 pork fillets (total approximately 225g each)
• Salt and freshly ground black pepper
• SPAR olive oil
• Quarter jar fruit mincemeat (perhaps you have leftover from Christmas mince pie baking)
• 5ml Hot English mustard
• 1 pouch mushroom sauce
• 1/2 round Camembert or Brie cheese, sliced
1. To prepare your SPAR Good Living kettle braai, Place a foil drip tray in the centre with briquettes and a few pieces of SPAR Firelighters on either side of it. Light the firelighters. Once the flames die and the briquettes turn grey, place the seasoned and oiled fillets onto the center of the grid.
2. Cook for 10 minutes with the kettle-braai lid on and the vent set in open position.
3. Lift the fillets from the grid, and transfer to a chopping board.
4. Slice each fillet vertically at several even intervals along the fillet (like a garlic loaf), and spread the fruit mincemeat mixed with mustard, into each gap.
5. Pour the mushroom sauce over the fillets and arrange the cheese slices across the top.
6. Return to the kettle braai for 10 minutes additional cooking time.
Hints and Tips
To make maximum use of the prepared briquettes, consider cooking other meats at the same time, even if just to keep for enjoying the following day.

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