Friday, 20 April 2018

Beer Box Cake (Carton box)

Beer Box Cake (Carton box)
Cake Ingredients:
8 large eggs
750ml castor sugar
500ml warm water
150ml (150g) melted Stork Bake
150ml cocoa powder
5ml vanilla essence
815ml (420g) cake flour
30ml baking powder
Pinch of salt
Cake Method:
Staple the corners of the beer box in place for reinforcement and then cover well with foil and grease with Stork Bake.
Whisk the eggs and castor sugar together for about 5 minutes until fluffy and light.
Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly to combine.
Pour mixture into the prepared box and bake at 180°C for 35 - 45 minutes until cooked.
Allow cake to cool completely.
ake out of box and remove foil. Place on a tray or cake board.
Trim the sides to make it even, if desired.

Great icing!!
All you do is mix one instant vanilla pudding packet (or whatever flavor you would like) with half of the milk called for on the package.
Whisk until it begins to thicken.
Then fold in 1 X 250ml ( Cream)
A great frosting ....spread on cakes and piped onto cupcakes, a tasty filling in crepes or on waffles along with some fruit...way less sugar too!

Voeg by mekaar:
2 kop kookwater
160 ml kookolie
10 ml vanilla
Klits saam tot Donssig:
8 eiers
3 k strooisuiker
Sif Saam:
4 kop koekmeel
30 ml bakpoeier
30 ml maizena
Knippie sout
(45 ml kakao vir sjokolade koek)
Voeg die droë en nat bestandele om die beurt by die eier en suiker. Meng net tot als gemeng is! As jy te lank meng maak dit gate in die koek.
Bak vir 45-60 min @ 180grade.

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