Friday, 9 October 2015


Here are a few delicious skinnier smoothie ideas. They make one portion and should be served ice cold.
Tropical Twist
Blend two large rings of chopped pineapple with half a chopped mango. Add 175ml of fat-free mixed fruit yogurt and blend until smooth.
Quick Kiwi-berry
Blend together one peeled and sliced kiwi fruit, one teacupful of frozen raspberries and 100ml chilled apple juice (100%, unsweetened).
Banana Blast
Take one medium, sliced banana and blend with one tablespoon of oats, one teaspoon of honey and 200 ml skimmed milk.
Very Berry
Blend one teacupful of fresh blueberries and one teacupful of frozen raspberries with five or six ice cubes and one teaspoon of honey until smooth. Serve immediately.
Red and Yellow Rush
Take 10 frozen strawberries and one medium sliced banana and blend to a paste. Add a few ice cubes and the juice of one medium orange and blend until the ice is crushed. Serve immediately.
Peaches and Cream
Blend one large peeled and chopped peach with 175ml fat free peach yoghurt and one tablespoon of oat bran. Serve, garnished with a peach slice.

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