Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Freshpak Peach Ice Tea Lollies

Freshpak Peach Ice Tea Lollies
Makes 8 lollies
3 cups boiling water
5 Freshpak Rooibos tea bags
1/2 cup of sugar
250ml of peach concentrate (found in juice aisle of supermarket)
Fresh peaches for garnish
1. Pour 3 cups of boiling water over tea bags.
2. Let tea steep for about 5 minutes and then remove bags and discard.
3. Add sugar to hot water, stir until dissolved.
4. Add peach concentrate and stir.
5. Pour tea mixture into a jug and refrigerate.
6. Once cooled, pour into prepared ice lolly trays and place in the freezer overnight.
7. To serve, remove the lollies from the freezer and place on a tray served with sliced peaches as garnish.
Note: To serve as a Peach Ice Tea follow steps 1- 5. Serve with lots of ice and fresh peach wedges.

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