Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to make colored pasta

How to make colored pasta

I gathered 5 little sandwich bags and put them in a plastic container to keep them upright. I added a little bit of vinegar as my base and a generous amount of food coloring. My 4 year old was more than happy to help me scoop the pasta into the bags. We added enough pasta to fill the bags half full each.
I then poured more vinegar in so that all the pasta was covered, zipped them closed and shook to make sure we had color everywhere.
Easy how to colored pasta for play
After an hour the coloring looked good and I opened the ziplock just a little to pour off the liquids. I then emptied the wet colored pasta out on some wax paper and spread to dry. We had originally added 3 types of pasta, but it seems the one was not a good brand and just turned to mush, so I had to remove it.

Easy how to color pasta for play
My 2 and half year old watched the colored pasta dry almost all afternoon! I had to keep telling him it was wet and that he couldn’t play with it until it dried!Easy how to color pasta for play
It took about 4 hours to dry which was a lot longer then the rice we had made. The results are beautiful though and we have already done 2 crafts with them!

Suggestions for colored pasta play:

  • Pasta Necklace
  • Threading on a pipe cleaner
  • Colored Pasta Sorting
  • Counting

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