Friday, 25 September 2015

MAKE CHALK for outside drawing

MAKE CHALK for outside drawing

You need:
1 toilet roll inner per chalk
plaster of paris (1 part)...
water (1/2 part)
powder paint in assorted colours
broad strong duct or gaffer tape
wax papaer
wooden tongue depressor
containers in wich to mix the plaster and colours

Completely cover one end of the toilet roll inner with duct or gaffer tape.
Line the inside of the toilet roll inner with wax paper to prevent the plaster from sticking to the cardboard.
Place the water in a container and sprinkle the plaster over it (60ml water and 125ml plaster is enough for one crayon), allow the plaster to sink into the water by itself.
Use a tongue depressor to mix until smooth, work quickly because the plaser begins to set after about 15 minutes.
Add 15ml powder paint to the mixture an stir again until smooth.
Pour the mixture into the lined toillet roll inner, tapping it gently every so often so to ensure there are no bubbles, if necessary smooth the top so it is even and then leave to set.
After about half an hour the plaster will start to feel warm, leave to cool before you remove the toilet roll inner and wx paper, leave to dry completely-this will take about 24 hours.

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